All parts of the wall tie replacement job are important from start to finish and getting the finishing look to the brick work is of the up most importance. Getting the right look and finish to the drilled brick work is paramount to the whole look of the house. Colour matching the brick work and getting the match is crucial.

There a the 3 most common finishes we deal with:

Standard Brick
Pebble Dash
Render Finish


After inserting the ties holes are filled with cement . . . doing the utmost to colour and texture match


 Pebble dash property


Ties cutting out… Holes drilled new ties in
wall-tie-finishes-1  .. wall-tie-finishes-2
Make good the pebble dash
near as possible matching mix
of pebbles and cement…
Just waiting . . . until it dries out Cleaning up before we leave . . .
wall-tie-finishes-4 wall-tie-finishes-5

Render Finish


Cutting out . . .
render-wall-tie-finish-1 .. render-wall-tie-finish-2

And the finish . . .

Patch filled with cement
Let it dry out a little
render-wall-tie-finish-patch-1 render-wall-tie-finish-patch-2

Next step it to rub it in with the sponge –
By doing this it is smooth enough to paint
render-wall-tie-finish-patch-3 render-wall-tie-finish-patch-4