Wall Ties


Rem-Tie Ltd…

* We provide crack stitching as permanent structural repair solution to prevent further cracking and with minimal cost and disruption.

Up until 30 years ago wall ties were manufactured with little or no galvanised coating which means the brickwork of a building outlast the life expectancy of its ties, therefore leaving the wall with weaker support.

As a result of weakening wall ties properties can be prone to further problems such a horizontal cracking at regular intervals, outward bulging of the walls and lifting of roof edges, which is where Rem-Tie step in.

You don’t need to worry about mess or disruption to your home or property we carry out work quickly, effectively and neatly.  To complete the job we even use various coloured dyes to ensure the best match possible to mortar and brickwork.  We are recommended by the Federation of Master Builders therefore you can be assured that all work carried out is to the highest professional standards at all times.


We pride ourselves in the quality and finish of our workmanship…


Drilling in preparation for new ties (below)drilling cavity wall Insertion of the new mechanical tiesdrilled cavity wall with wall ties in
Drilling/cutting out the old fishtailDrilled cavity wall Isolation foam insertion on the old corrode wall tiedrilled-cavity-wall-3


Our finishes

Colour matching to the brick and mortar joints

finished drilled cavity walls

finished drilled cavity wall phil


What do we use

modern wall tie

Cavity remedial wall ties are manufactured from corrosion resistant austenetic 304 Grade Stainless Steel tie bars with Neoprene sleeves.
This tie features a unique ‘tall-nut’ which when turned with a setting tool, rotates the whole tie bar, forcing the inner leaf Neoprene sleeve to open and grip in the masonry.

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